Consumer Rights Japan is a not-for-profit organization aimed to protect consumers from unsafe, unfair or unethical practice.The members of Consumer Rights Japan have professional skills in consumer advocacy and global networking.We are independent, unconstrained by businesses or political parties.

We are passionate in consumer protection relating with...
・・・vulnerable consumers
・・・sustainable and ethical consumption
・・・digital, global, cross-border B to C contracts
・・・ISO, self-regulations and mandatory regulations
・・・consumer education
・・・unfair marketing
・・・and other issues


Chief Director:  Amy Kato

Chief Director: Amy Kato

Amy Kato is Chief director of Consumer Rights Japan, not-for-profit organization supported by various specialists of consumer issues. Amy has a license of the Consumer Affairs Consultant certified by National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan and has worked for the government, industries, consumer organizations, NGOs, academia and other related organizations. She holds an MA from Japan Women’s University. She grew up in Thailand and Australia. She is an alumni of the United States International Visitor Leadership Program.
Director:  Emiko Amano

Director: Emiko Amano

Associate Professor
Kanto-Gakuin University

Dr. Emiko Amano is an Associate Professor in the College of Business Administration at the Kanto-Gakuin University in Yokohama, Japan. She conducts research on responsible marketing to child consumers and consumer protection policy. She has been a member of the Children’s Rights and Advertising/Marketing Review Committee to develop the “Guidelines for Advertising and Marketing that Affect Children.”
She published a book titled Marketing to Child Consumers: Self-regulation and Legislation of the Aggressive Businesses and Children (2017, in Japanese) and received two research awards from the Japan Academy for Consumption Economy and the Japan Society for Distributive Sciences in 2018.
Director:  Yumiko Horie

Director: Yumiko Horie

Current position: Advocacy Manager, Save the Children Japan

Yumiko Horie joined Save the Children Japan in 2002. After working in International Programs Department and Corporate Fundraising Department, she was appointed as Advocacy Manager in 2010 to engage in advocacy for promoting child rights in international development processes covering diverse issues such as global health, nutrition, Sustainable Development Goals, as well as child rights and business. She has engaged in development of the Guidelines for Advertising and Marketing that Affect Children with the Children’s Rights and Advertising/Marketing Review Committee formed by Save the Children Japan with the purpose of protecting child rights in advertising and marketing of business enterprises.
Previously, Yumiko has worked at Kyodo News Service, and at International Volunteers of Yamagata. She obtained a master’s degree for rural development at the University of East Anglia in UK in 1999.

Senior Advisor / Specialist: Chizuko Kuroda

Chizuko Kuroda is a specialist who has long experience in investigating consumer policy and consumer movement. She has a national certificate for consumer affairs specialist and has various work-experience in administration and industries. She is a lecturer of financial related consumer affairs and a Court mediator. Chizuko is a director of consumer organization “Japan Association of Consumer Affairs Specialists”.

Partner Organization

Internet Society Japan Chapter
( “Internet Society” https://www.internetsociety.org/)