【Talented Consumer Advocate】student-member / UN International Youth Day

Talented Consumer Advocatestudent-member

Ms. Zhang Qiao is a representative of consumer advocate for

United Nations International Youth Day.


Hi, I’m Zhang Qiao, from CHINA. A student of Utsunomiya University. and I am learning about how to build a recycling society in the field of waste. This year is my fifth year in JAPAN.


 This year, due to the covid-19, many factories have been shutdown and the needs for medical supplies risen sharply, which cause the shortage of medical supplies and daily necessities in worldwide. Although the government is trying to intervened the market. There still are some e-commerce platform taking advantage of this crisis and selling their commodities at a high price, which normal people can’t afford. In this case, the rights and interests of customers are not be well protected. That is why I begin to think, as a consumer, can we just be subject to the market supply and demand, and watching the daily commodities turn into a luxury goods and do nothing?


I hope that I can have a deeper understanding of the scope of power that a consumer can have. And at the same time, I also want to know what I can do to help building a society that can protect the rights and profits of the consumers.